Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The $24 mirror - {revamped}

I'm telling you, my husband knows me well.  For my birthday he bought me, along with a few other things, this large mirror from TJMaxx... oh my, is it cheap!  It's plastic, and although it's only 3 1/2 months old, the plastic coating was already beginning to peel off in places.  I knew it was cheap, but to really honest, I didn't care!  If fact, as soon as he gave it to me I said, "would you care if I paint it?"  Ha!  

Though I do like how the original plastic color kind of blends in with the fireplace, I just couldn't take the chinsiness of it's look anymore, and there's a lot of white furniture in my living room too, so it matches that beautifully.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, here we go...

If I would have built this house, the fireplace would have been painted white and not oak-stained-a-honey-color, but Adam won't let me paint it, and even if he would let me, I'm not sure I would dare since our house will be up for sale in 3 years!  

I love the mirror now, and I don't think that it looks like a cheap-o mirror anymore!
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  1. Feeling very inspired by your awesome revamps! Can't wait to see pics of the redecorated rooms!