Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mum's Green Table, Compartment Chest and An Old Piano Bench

My mom loaded me up with 5 pieces of furniture to paint for her a few weeks ago.  I guess that's the benefit of having a daughter in the furniture business. You get the hook-up.  I'll post about the other two soon, one of which isn't quite done yet...  the disadvantage of having your own daughter redo your furniture... she knows you won't fire her for exceeding the promised finish date. :)

This cute compartment chest has been sitting in her basement, unassembled, in its box for years.  So, I whipped it together for her and painted it black.... annnddd didn't take an after picture...  stay tuned.  

Then there was this old piano bench... This baby had such cute lines. It almost doesn't look like a piano bench at all, but a bench that it meant for an entryway or the end of a bed.  I got it for free with a piano (that I got for free) from someone in my church.  The piano has a ridiculously ugly finish (I'll be painting it this winter!), but when the sweet lady asked me if I wanted the bench too (which was way too tall for the piano), I couldn't turn it down.  The hinges were broken, the top was abused.  But it wasn't anything that I couldn't fix.  And fix I did.  I hope you believe me because I don't have a pic of the finished product for this one either!  I swear!  All the furniture I did for my mom, I just let her walk away with it without having photo shoots.  Good thing she lives 12 minutes away.  I'll invade her house and snap some soon and post them!  

Next: The Green Table...

It has been known as "the green table" for an eternity.  My mom was ready for a new look for it, and I'm pretty sure I heard it crying for a refinish a few times as I was visiting her house.  

(horrible pics!)

I LOVE painting black over a previously painted color.  Even though this particular client doesn't prefer her furniture distressed very much, I had to get at least a little bit of that green peeking through.  

all scuffed up and ready to go!

For all these pieces, I used:

Behr Ultra, eggshell in Black Suede
Varathane Hard Floor Finish in Satin
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