Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Flat Screen TV Console} - Sold!!

Ugh! This dresser was so ugly in it's previous life!
BUT, with its new coat of Annie Sloan's furniture paint in Graphite, new brushed nickel hardware and Hennant's clear and dark furniture wax, it's lookin' pretty slick.

And just imagine a nice, big, bright flat screen sitting or mounted on top of this baby. It will be a beautiful sight, indeed.

If you love it enough though, it could still fly as a dresser, you'll just have to keep that top shelf nice and organized. ;)

The original two big top drawers have been removed (and thrown in the garbage, mind you), 1/2" MDF put down to provide a nice sturdy shelf perfect for your TV components such as: wii, dvd or bluray player, satellite receiver, sound system device or whatever. The cabinet in the middle hides two more shelves lined with solid MDF (that also used to be drawers) that could hold more components, video games, board games, movies, cds, or random junk that you want to hide when a prestigious community member happens to pop in to say hello. No. An even better place for that junk would be in the 4 drawers that will provide even more excellent storage in your family room (xbox controllers, movies, games?).

Length 66"
Height 31 3/4"
Depth 18"


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The old dresser finish:

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