Thursday, October 13, 2011

For Sale: {The Belle Armoire} - SOLD!

This beautiful armoire can be used in a bedroom or in a living room.  It is a very sturdy, heavy piece and has brand new knobs and pulls.
Inside the top cabinet there are two small drawers with a choice of a sliding bar (not pictured) to hang clothes on -or- two very sturdy adjustable shelves.  The bottom chest holds two additional drawers.

The piece was painted in Annie Sloan's "Cream", has a polycrylic top coat for a very durable finish and is moderately distressed to bring out her lovely lines.


My contact info is at the top of the page.

Her previous life; broken doors, dinged and sad:

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  1. Maybe show a picture of the inside of this piece? Just a thought.

  2. Um, that's why this is a "sneak peek" post. She's still waiting for her photo shoot!