Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vonda's Bedroom Set

A client of mine bought this dresser and matching convertible crib/bed for their oldest daughter 7-8 years ago after searching high and low for a white distressed, beautiful, shabby set.  They had zero luck.  They felt like they settled for this set, though very nice and super cute, they really did want it white.  So they got in touch with me and hired me to paint it all for them.  In my opinion, it took some guts for them to get them painted!  They were in near brand new, perfect condition.  I have always fixed up and painted the kind of stuff with 10 layers of old paint, broken hinges or doors or legs, or peeling off stain.   I have to admit, I felt a little bad sanding these babies down!  BUT,  I love them so much better white! (And so does she!)  

So now I'm jealous because the crib and dresser in my own little girl's room has the exact same stain that Vonda's did.  Guess what I'm itching to do now...  I know.  I have issues.  I swear, I look around at 60% of the stuff in my own home and want to scuff it all up and paint it.  One project at a time, right?

I have told people in the past, "If you don't love it, paint it."  This is exactly what my client did.  And she didn't even hesitate (at least not in front of me!)  I think she made the right decision.  Don't you?

Products used:  
Sherwin William's Adhesion Primer
Behr's Cotton Whisper in eggshell 
Minwax's Polycrylic, in satin, as a top coat

{before pics}

{bed: after pics}

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