Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The $24 mirror - {revamped}

I'm telling you, my husband knows me well.  For my birthday he bought me, along with a few other things, this large mirror from TJMaxx... oh my, is it cheap!  It's plastic, and although it's only 3 1/2 months old, the plastic coating was already beginning to peel off in places.  I knew it was cheap, but to really honest, I didn't care!  If fact, as soon as he gave it to me I said, "would you care if I paint it?"  Ha!  

Though I do like how the original plastic color kind of blends in with the fireplace, I just couldn't take the chinsiness of it's look anymore, and there's a lot of white furniture in my living room too, so it matches that beautifully.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, here we go...

If I would have built this house, the fireplace would have been painted white and not oak-stained-a-honey-color, but Adam won't let me paint it, and even if he would let me, I'm not sure I would dare since our house will be up for sale in 3 years!  

I love the mirror now, and I don't think that it looks like a cheap-o mirror anymore!
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Living room highlights

These dried hydrangeas were cut late summer of 2010!  So, it you love their shabby, vintage, beautiful look, don't hesitate to grow some or buy some at your local farmer's market.  They last (if handled carefully) for a long time!

These lovely lanterns are from Pier One!

There will be an upcoming post about this new addition to my living room...
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Dining Room Peek

One reason I haven't been doing a ton of furniture the last few months is because I painted and have been redecorating virtually every living space in my home (on top of finishing the basement!)  I'm planning some really wonderful posts of the newly decorated living room, master bedroom and dining room for you!

I want you to see my new dining room light fixture that Adam bought me for Christmas, and to give you a peek at the bold and totally awesome wall color I chose.  The fabric I ordered for the curtains is on its way here, and then the room will be pretty much complete and worthy of a total photo shoot. :)

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Grandma T's Fabric Cupboard - {Redone!}

Ten gazillion years ago my mom began (and almost finished) stripping all the peeling layers of (what was most likely lead-based) paint *eek!* off of this cupboard that my great grandmother used for fabric storage.  And... it sat... and sat... and sat some more in her attic or garage or basement or whatever until she finally forfeited and just asked me to finish the job.  

I'm glad she did.  For one, she will now have some very valuable counter space back in her kitchen where her microwave was (this will serve as her microwave's new home from now on).  But, more importantly, I was very, uh, what's the right word here? ... honored to work on a piece that belonged to my beloved great Grandma T.  I could kinda feel her near when I sanded it, repaired the peeling layers of veneer and painted it. I miss her.

With the help of my new favorite (and extremely durable) top coat...

...and Behr's Black Suede eggshell paint, its finally done!  

The hardware above wasn't selected yet when I took this next photo:

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