Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{Kristin's Hutch}

This hutch is a very solid, nicely constructed piece of furniture, but it needed a face lift.  The days of an Old American-like finish are over. Out with the blah, blah stained pieces and in with the new, painted, glazed (if you'd like), updated stuff.  

My great friend, Kristin, is a furniture pro herself, so with this redo came some anxiety.  It's like the music teacher teaching a composer's son, the hairdresser cutting her co-worker's hair, the mudder mudding his boss's house.  Pressure for perfection.  And lots of it.  

The results... Kristin's happy!  She didn't have to do all the work herself.  I'm happy!  Now I don't owe her piano lesson fees for a few months.  The hutch is the happiest though... people admire it and call it beautiful. (No, seriously, her 7 year-old son really did call it that!)  


After the glaze was set in the cracks (such a difference!) :

before the glaze:

more finished product photos:

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