Thursday, May 3, 2012

Custom Benches

I'm going to be making some of these benches this summer (plans courtesy of and painting them to sell.  If you are interested, contact me for more information.  


The V-lined Bench
$165 for length 30"- 42"
$190 for length 43"- 56"
Price includes handmade bench, painted with an ultra-durable clear top coat.

The Cute X Bench
$150 for length 30"- 42"
$175 for length 43"- 50"
Price includes handmade bench, painted with an ultra-durable clear top coat.
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{Look What I Found!} - SOLD

I do have to say, this was my greatest find to date.  I was on my way to a friend's house and stopped by a garage sale that I spotted.  (People were moving to FL and had to get rid of stuff!)  A soon as I saw this baby in the driveway I knew it had to be mine.  I bought it, loaded it and discovered after the fact that it was... you'll never guess.  I mean, seriously, You'll die.


Dovetail joints, all hardwood.  This is an absolutely quality piece of furniture.  Most Ethan Allen buffets are about $2,000, give or take a couple hundred dollars.

Here's my plan:
I'm listing it for sale on craigslist just how it is. If it doesn't sell in the next week or two I will leave the top the way it is and paint the rest in Annie Sloan's Old White with moderate/heavy distressing to show off all of the hardwood detail.  It will have updated hardware as well and a clear Varathane top coat for maximum scratch protection.

Painted or not, it will be gorgeous in any dining room or entry way, or as a TV console.

If you love it and want it a different color, email or text me!

As is: $400
Painted with stained top: $450

Dimensions: H 31" W 55" D 19"

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Black Nightstand - {A Custom Refinish}

Didn't take a before pic of this I guess!  :( Sorry, I know how everyone likes those before and after shots.

This was your typical BLAH nightstand.  Nothing to be excited about, nothing to show off, necessarily.  It had a medium stain on it with those specks of dark stain splattered on.  You know the look?  Not sure what those furniture makers back in the 90's were thinking!

But now? Looks shiny, chic and shabby.  Which is perfect.

My wonderful client will choose the new hardware for it and put them on herself (or have her hubby do it?)  :)   Because she wasn't sure if she wanted pulls or knobs, I filled the existing holes with spackling so she could choose whatever she liked most.

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