About Me

I love furniture.  And decorating.  I'm a mom who stays at home with her kids and does... everything. I do so because I like to, but also because my husband works a bazillion hours a week (really, like over 100 hours a week) and so it's up to me to get all the projects done!
I love to cook and am a stellar baker (I have baked whole wheat bread for 4 solid years in a row now without buying a single preservative-filled loaf). I change diapers (yuck). I do laundry (that never ends), train and tend to my 3 dogs, take care of my 3 beautiful winkies (that's what we call our kids) and because of all of these people and pets in my house, I clean constantly too.  I love gardening.  On top of it all, over this past year, my husband and I have been finishing our basement ourselves (1,500 sq. ft. worth), and it's almost done!
And since I tend to think that I don't already have enough to do, I strip, sand and scrape furniture so I can paint it, making it perfectly beautiful to sell it. 
It's a busy life, but a very blessed and charmed one too.  

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