Thursday, January 22, 2015

The BIG Kitchen Reveal!

I'm SO EXCITED to show you these before and after pictures of my kitchen! 

It all started when we decided to rip out the cream colored carpet upstairs and replace it with a dark walnut laminate.  The new floors that I loved caused a problem though... they didn't cohabitate well with the cherry cabinets.  So, because I always wanted a pure white kitchen and I found the perfect excuse to paint mine, I got to work.  

It took me 6 months.  

To. Paint. My. Kitchen.  

Granted, I had a lot of other projects going on, but still.  I've painted a LOT of furniture and stuff, but this project takes the #biggestprojectever award.  And my kitchen isn't even that big. 

It was so worth it though.

Now, before I get bombarded with questions about what paint I used, how I fauxcreted the countertops, and how I tile a backsplash, know that I am posting tutorials on this stuff soon.  If you need to know ASAP, email me!

Enjoy the show.



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Monday, September 23, 2013

L's Piano {A Custom Refinish}

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{Kristin's Hutch}

This hutch is a very solid, nicely constructed piece of furniture, but it needed a face lift.  The days of an Old American-like finish are over. Out with the blah, blah stained pieces and in with the new, painted, glazed (if you'd like), updated stuff.  

My great friend, Kristin, is a furniture pro herself, so with this redo came some anxiety.  It's like the music teacher teaching a composer's son, the hairdresser cutting her co-worker's hair, the mudder mudding his boss's house.  Pressure for perfection.  And lots of it.  

The results... Kristin's happy!  She didn't have to do all the work herself.  I'm happy!  Now I don't owe her piano lesson fees for a few months.  The hutch is the happiest though... people admire it and call it beautiful. (No, seriously, her 7 year-old son really did call it that!)  


After the glaze was set in the cracks (such a difference!) :

before the glaze:

more finished product photos:

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Friday, September 7, 2012

{The Samantha Entry Way Bench}

Another wonderful client wanted the Samantha bench and shelf for her entry way.  I do build them, but encouraged them to do the building to save on cost, so that they did.  
They still wanted me to paint them though, so that I did. :)

I really do love this entry way system.  We have a bench that we use in our breakfast nook, which is great because I've had as many as 5 kids sitting on it on just one side of the table (when we have lots of friends over.)  It's pretty timeless, simple and convenient with how much storage it provides.  

I love the Varathane Satin sheen:

Here is the bench and the shelf in their home!  Looks fantastic guys!

Paint skinny:
Paint: Behr Ultra Cotton Whisper in Eggshell
Topcoat: Varathane in a satin sheen
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What I've Been Up to

Blogger has this new thing where when you log in, you can see how many hits your blog has had in the last few days... I just realized that I have still had quite an impressive number of people checking in here over the past few days.  And you've been disappointed.  

So I thought I would apologize with a few excuses for the lack of posts.

My garden:
Already have canned like 30 quarts of tomatoes this summer!

Home projects:
My dining room table often looks like this...

We are finishing up the basement project (I will start working on a post).  Two weeks ago I finally built these shelves in.  I'm excited to have some kind of Q&A about basements to share everything that we have learned about framing, drywalling, mudding, painting, built ins, tiling etc...

Master Bath:
Painting it.

The summer was crazy for me.  And I assume for ya'll too.  I felt like people weren't very focused on decorating and redoing their furniture, or buying mine (I still have that gorg round end table for sale.) Maybe because everyone is outside. Or because kids are home and occupy all of our energy and time.  Or because people are out of town a lot (like me, driving 4,500 miles ALONE with my kids over 3 1/2 weeks across the country and back.) 

But, school is back in, so I'll have some beautiful treats for you all in the next few weeks.  Promise!
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Crabby Apple Console Table

I'm pretty sure there is a piece of furniture that I have painted in every room in J's lower level of her house... Just about. :)

This table was that orange-y, knotty pine style, but with way cute lines and lots of character.  It is SO cute now, adding the perfect pop of color just where J needed it.  

The skinny:
Paint: SW Crabby Apple Enamel
Top Coat: Varathane in Satin


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Friday, June 29, 2012

{The Clara Table} - FOR SALE

When I found this badly painted but absolutely darling side table, I knew it would completely stunning once I was through with it. I stripped the old sponged on pale yellow paint off of it, did quite a lot of sanding, more stripping and more sanding to get it ready to paint and stain.  

The top is a dark walnut color with a diamond hard satin Varathane top coat.  
The legs were done in a creamy white, moderately distressed, with Varathane as an ultra-durable top coat.  

The table measures 26in high and the top has a diameter of  24in.

I always have a hard time letting go of pieces like this!  I LOVE IT!  I'm sure you will too if it ends up in your living room, bedroom, foyer or office!

$85 - cash and credit cards accepted

You can't see the lovely paint job it had before in this pic! It was painted a white with yellow sponged on over it.  Bleh!

Here she is with some paint stripped off:

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