Friday, September 7, 2012

What I've Been Up to

Blogger has this new thing where when you log in, you can see how many hits your blog has had in the last few days... I just realized that I have still had quite an impressive number of people checking in here over the past few days.  And you've been disappointed.  

So I thought I would apologize with a few excuses for the lack of posts.

My garden:
Already have canned like 30 quarts of tomatoes this summer!

Home projects:
My dining room table often looks like this...

We are finishing up the basement project (I will start working on a post).  Two weeks ago I finally built these shelves in.  I'm excited to have some kind of Q&A about basements to share everything that we have learned about framing, drywalling, mudding, painting, built ins, tiling etc...

Master Bath:
Painting it.

The summer was crazy for me.  And I assume for ya'll too.  I felt like people weren't very focused on decorating and redoing their furniture, or buying mine (I still have that gorg round end table for sale.) Maybe because everyone is outside. Or because kids are home and occupy all of our energy and time.  Or because people are out of town a lot (like me, driving 4,500 miles ALONE with my kids over 3 1/2 weeks across the country and back.) 

But, school is back in, so I'll have some beautiful treats for you all in the next few weeks.  Promise!
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